Fundamentals of Nuclear Power Generation

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The depleting stock of fossil fuels and global concern over the preservation of environment has projected nuclear energy as a very relevant option, particularly considering the near-zero emission and huge resource availability. From technological point of view, nuclear power production is quite different from the conventional thermal plants and therefore it is the need of the hour to grasp the essentials at an early level. Present course introduces the students to the fundaments of nuclear power generation. Starting from the atomic structure, students will be gradually familiarized with different concepts, finally leading to the design of different reactors. Important topics such as nuclear waste management, biological impact of radiation and safety issues pertinent to handling nuclear fuels will also be discussed.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Undergraduate students of Mechanical/Power/Energy Engg. (5th semester onwards) and postgraduate students specializing in the thermofluids/energy/nuclear engg; industry personnel associated with nuclear/power industries; faculty members associated withPower/Energy engg.PREREQUISITE : Basic UG-level Heat Transfer & Fluid Mechanics.
INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL), National Thermal Power Corporation(NTPC), AtomicEnergy Regulatory Board (AERB), General Electric India, Any company associated with design & fabrication of components/accessories of nuclear reactor.