Fundamentals of micro and nanofabrication

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The course provides an in-depth understanding of top-down device fabrication. Focus is the unit processes typically used in micro & nanofabrication of devices. Both concepts and practical aspects are covered. Topics include crystal growth, doping, chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, photolithography, wet etching, dry etching, and packaging. The course is accessible to students from diverse backgrounds, such as materials, physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.The course will be a derivative of NE203: Advanced Micro & Nano Fabrication Technology & Processes. Students from various departments outside CeNSE, e.g. Physics, Chemistry, ECE, DESE, IAP, routinely take the course.

INTENDED AUDIENCE : Masters students interested in fundamentals of top-down micro and nanodevice fabricationPREREQUISITES : General background in physics, chemistry, materials, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering,
or electronic engineering should be enough.
INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Electronic Device Manufacturing



Week 1:Introduction to micro-fabricationWeek 2: SubstrateWeek 3: Cleaning
Week 4: Additive processing: DopingWeek 5: Additive processing: Native Films
Week 6: Additive processing: CVD
Week 7: Additive processing: PVD
Week 8: Lithography 1
Week 9: Lithography 2
Week 10: Subtractive Process: Wet EtchingWeek 11: Subtractive Process: Dry Etching
Week 12: CMP and Packaging