Fundamentals of Kubernetes Deployment

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  • Introduction to Deploying with Kubernetes
    • In this module, we'll explore what Kubernetes is, what it solves, and several of its different features. We will also take a look at the components of Kubernetes Architecture.
  • Create Your Own Cluster
    • In this module, we'll discuss how to install Kubernetes and creating your own cluster. We'll also dive deeper into Nodes and how they are managed as well as installing minikube.
  • Kubernetes Deployment Models and Hosted Solutions
    • In this module, we'll explore different installation configuration strategies, deployments, and how deployments are scaled, updated, and rolled back.
  • Cluster, Pods, Nodes, Administration and Configuration
    • In this module, we'll look at clusters, pods, and nodes. We'll also explore Persistent Volumes, Kubernetes Authentication and Authorization.
  • Practical Exercise
    • This module is a video demo showing how to install Kubernetes, deploy an application, and working with pods and replicasets.