Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering

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Food Process engineering has become an important branch of applied engineering. Since post harvest processing is gaining impetus in our country, concepts ofbasic food structures and their processing are essential. Enormity of foodswith their diverse as well as specific unique characteristics demands special processing treatments. At the same time being biological commodities, their processing needs to meet the safety requirements as well. This course has been designed to impart the fundamental concepts of Food rheology, as well as thermal/non-thermal processing of foods. Drying being the most common technique followed for food preservation, a detailed discussion on drying has been incorporated. Food freezing has been covered and finally few important unit operationsof food engineering are discussed. A glimpse of non-thermal processing (High pressure processing, Pulsed electric field etc.) has also been included in the courses.

INTENDED AUDIENCE :Agricultural Engineering, Dairy Process Engineering, Food Process Engineering
INDUSTRY SUPPORT : Any Industry deals with food processing such as Hindustan Lever, ITC, Britannia, PepsiCo, Amul etc.



Week 1 : Concept of Food Rheology and its Measurements
Week 2 : Viscoelastic foods
Week 3 : Thermal processing and microbial death kinetics
Week 4 : Evaporation and concentration
Week 5 : Heat Exchangers
Week 6 : Drying Technology
Week 7 : Freezing and Freeze Drying
Week 8 : Size Reduction
Week 9 : Mechanical Separation Techniques
Week 10 : Mixing and agitation
Week 11 : Leaching and Extraction
Week 12 : Non Thermal Processing