Fundamentals Of Electronic Materials and Devices

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This online course has been running since 2016. The primary aim of the course is to provide a fundamental understanding of the materials and devices used in the semiconductor industry. The course is designed for undergraduate and graduate students from diverse backgrounds. Anyone interested in understanding how semiconductors work and how they form an integral part of today's electronic industry can take this course. The course provides the students with the basic physics of semiconductor materials. It also covers device fundamentals with emphasis on their electronic characteristics. Opto-electronic devices such as LEDs, lasers, solar cells, and their properties will also be explained.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : Preferable undergraduates and graduate students in Chemical, Chemistry, Computer science, Electrical,
Mechanical, Metallurgy, Materials, and Physics. Working professionals in the electronics industry can also take this course.
PREREQUISITES : NILLINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Students aiming to join semiconductor and electronic device companies will value this course.