Fundamentals of Data Analysis

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  • Types of Data Analysis
    • In the first module of the course, we'll learn about the primary types of data analysis including, descriptive, predictive, diagnostic, and exploratory. We will also learn about some advanced data analytic types including mechanistic, causal, and inferential. By the end of this module, you will know how to identify the different types of data analysis and their use cases. So let's get started!
  • The Phases of Data Analysis
    • In the second module of this course, we'll learn about the phases of the data analysis process including identifying data, defining scope, and level of detail. We'll learn about the data collection process, from gathering targeted information to evaluating outcomes. We'll discover the importance of data cleaning and how removing, modifying, and formatting data is a priority, as well as the benefits of visualizing data.
  • Data Analytics Tools and Skills
    • In the third module of this course, we'll learn about the tools and skills essential for data analysis. We'll learn about using spreadsheets and databases for analyzing and managing the data. We'll discover the power of query languages and multidimensional expressions. We’ll also describe the fundamental programming languages used in data analytics.
  • Foundational Data Analytics Math and Stats
    • In the fourth module of this course, we'll learn about the fundamental math and stats used for data analysis. We’ll also describe some advanced data analytic algorithms and their use cases, including linear regression and clustering.
  • Data Analytics Methodologies and Workflows
    • In the fifth week of this course, we'll learn about defining data analytics methodologies and workflows.