Fundamentals of Convective Heat Transfer

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Convective heat transfer is one of the most important areas of engineering sciences. It is major mode of heat transfer during flowing fluid and it is the most common mode of heat transfer used in industry. This course will cover the preliminary concepts, forced convection and natural convection for external flows and internal flows, turbulent flows and phase change heat transfer. Numerical solution of the governing equations will also be covered. This course is more analytical. The course will help faculty members, students and researchers in the field to get indepth concepts in convective heat transfer.
Postgraduate and undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering and similar branches; Faculty members associated with Mechanical Engineering; Practicing engineers associated with fluid and thermal industries.PREREQUISITES : Fundamental knowledge of Mathematics, Heat Conduction and Fluid Mechanics should be sufficient.INDUSTRIES SUPPORT :BHEL, NTPC, Eaton



Week 1:IntroductionWeek 2:Preliminary ConceptWeek 3:Convective heat transfer in external flows - IWeek 4:Convective heat transfer in external flows - II
Week 5:Convective heat transfer in internal flows - IWeek 6:Convective heat transfer in internal flows - IIWeek 7:Convective heat transfer in internal flows - IIIWeek 8:External natural convectionWeek 9:Internal natural convectionWeek 10:Numerical solution of Navier-Stokes and energy equationWeek 11:Turbulent flow and heat transfer Week 12: Boiling and condensation