Fundamentals of Conduction and Radiation

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This is introductory course on conduction and radiation heat transfer. This course emphasizes the fundamental concepts and provides detailed solution methodology. This course will provide students with the tools to model, analyze and solve a wide range of engineering applications involving conduction and radiation heat transfer.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Undergraduate students of Mechanical Engg. and similar branches; Faculty member associated with Mechanical Engg.; Practicing engineers associated with thermal/power industries
PREREQUISITES: Heat transfer is a topic of fundamental interest in mechanical engineering and hence any engineering firm &concerned industry should find this course interesting & valuable.



Week 1: Introduction to Heat Transfer
Week 2: Introduction to Conduction
Week 3: 1-D Steady-state Heat Conduction
Week 4: Special 1-D Heat Conduction Situations
Week 5: Heat Transfer from Extended Surfaces
Week 6: 2-D Steady-state Heat Conduction
Week 7: Transient Heat Conduction
Week 8: Numerical Methods in Conduction
Week 9: Fundamentals of Radiation Heat Transfer
Week 10: Radiative Properties of Real Surfaces
Week 11: Radiation Exchange between Surfaces
Week 12: Radiation Exchange with Participating Media