Fundamentals Of Artificial Intelligence

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What does automatic scheduling or autonomous driving have in common with web search, speech recognition, and machine translation? These are complex real-world problems that span across various practices of engineering! Aim of artificial intelligence (AI) is to tackle these problems with rigorous mathematical tools. The objective of this course is to present an overview of the principles and practices of AI to address such complex real-world problems. The course is designed to develop a basic understanding of problem solving, knowledge representation, reasoning and learning methods of AI.
INTENDED AUDIENCE: Final Year B.Tech; M.Tech and PhD
PREREQUISITES: Basic Course in Probability and Linear Algebra



Week 1: AI and Problem Solving by SearchWeek 2: Problem Solving by SearchWeek 3: Problem Solving by SearchWeek 4: Knowledge Representation and ReasoningWeek 5: Knowledge Representation and ReasoningWeek 6: Knowledge Representation and ReasoningWeek 7: Reasoning under UncertaintyWeek 8: PlanningWeek 9: Planning and Decision MakingWeek 10: Machine LearningWeek 11:Machine LearningWeek 12: Machine Learning