Fundamentals of Accounting Capstone

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  • Fundamentals of Accounting Capstone Introduction
    • You will get an introduction to the Capstone project and your instructor.
  • Milestone 1: Business Description
    • Choose your business!
  • Milestone 2: Expenses and Selling Price
    • What are the costs associated with your business and how much will you charge for your product or service? In the case of a not-for-profit organization, how much money will the business need to collect from donations or other funding sources?
  • Milestone 3: Assets
    • What assets do you need to run your business and how will you pay for these assets?
  • Milestone 4: Budgeted Income Statement and Analyses
    • Evaluate your progress in developing your business.
  • Milestone 5: Internal Decision Making
    • How will you use the information that you have gathered and analyzed thus far to make decisions?
  • Milestone 6: Pro-forma Financial Statements and External Decision Making
    • What does the financial future of your business look like?