Fundamental of Insurance

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Insurance is mandatory in the prevailing risky environment. Insurance provides economic protection to the individual and business concern. Insurance gives financial protection to the insured against the unexpected losses. Insurance density and penetration of India is low, because the awareness of insurance among the people is very less. Creating awareness and importance of insurance in the student hood will create a transformation. This course will help to create a considerable impact in the student mind.



Week - I
1. Risk and Insurance2. Features and Function of Insurance3. Principles of Insurance
Week - II
4. Basics of Life Insurance5. Principles of Insurance for Life
Week - III
6. Types of Policies for Life7. Policy Conditions for Life Insurance8. General Insurance
Week - IV
9. Fire Insurance - Origin and Nature10. Principles of Fire Insurance11. Types of Fire Insurance Policies
Week - V
12. Policy Conditions for Fire Insurance13. Basics of Marine Insurance14. Principles of Marine Insurance
Week - VI
15. Types of Marine Insurance Policies16. Marine Insurance Clauses and Policy Conditions17. Basics of Health Insurance
Week - VII
18. Health care and Health Insurance19. Health Insurance Plans20. Health Insurance - Policy Procedure
Week - VIII
21. Health Insurance - Third Party Administrators22. Health Insurance - Claim Procedure23. Motor Insurance
Week - IX
24. Miscellaneous Insurance - (Business and Personal Package)25. Miscellaneous Insurance - (Industrial, Engineering and Rural)26. Re Insurance
Week - X
27. Annuity and surrender value28. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India(IRDAI)
Week - XI
29. Legal dimensions of Insurance30. Insurance Marketing
Week - XII
31. Indian insurance market32. Conclusion