Fundamental Concepts in Sociolinguistics

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Week 1 : Language as a System of Sub-systems; Hockett’s Design Features Week 2 : Language as a Social Reality; Language and Culture Week 3 : Linguistic Relativity: Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis; Language and Gender Week 4 : Language and Identity; Language Myths Week 5 : Speech Community; Standard and Vernacular Languages Week 6 : Process of Standardization; Dialects, Sociolects and Register Week 7 : Language Maintenance and Language Shift; Bilingualism: Compound, Coordinate, Subordinate Week 8 : Multilingualism; Code Switching and Code Mixing Week 9 : Pidgin and Creole; Language, Contact, and Variation Week 10 : Linguistic Diversity of India: Language Families: Indo-Aryan, Dravidian, Austro-Asiatic, Tibeto-Burman; Language Census of India Week 11 : Language Policy and Planning in India: Scheduled Languages [Schedule VIII], Official Language Act, Trilingual Formula Week 12 : Languages in the Constitution of India