Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: Angular

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  • Front-End JavaScript Frameworks Overview: Angular
    • In this module we get a quick introduction to front-end JavaScript frameworks, followed by an introduction to Angular. We will also learn about Angular components and their templates.
  • Angular Services, Routing and Single Page Applications
    • In this week, you learn about data binding in Angular. You will learn how to design basic services. You will learn about Angular router and its use in designing single page applications. You will also learn about single page applications and use Angular Router to design single page applications.
  • Angular Forms, Angular and Reactive JavaScript
    • In this module we study Angular support for forms and form validation. Both template-driven forms and reactive forms will be introduced. You will also learn about Promises. Then you will learn briefly about reactive programming, RxJs and its use in Angular.
  • Client-Server Communication
    • In this module you will explore client-server communication using both Angular HTTP module and the REST API. You will get a brief introduction to animation support in Angular and create a custom attribute directive. You will also learn about testing, building and deploying Angular applications.