Fracture, Fatigue and Failure of Materials

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Week 1:Introduction to Fracture Week 2:Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics Week 3:Fracture modes, Elastic – Plastic Fracture Mechanics Week 4:Elastic – Plastic Fracture Mechanics, Impact Toughness Week 5:Impact Toughness, Toughening of Materials, Environment Assisted Cracking Week 6:Concepts of Fatigue, Un-Notched Fatigue – Fatigue crack Initiation Week 7:Un-Notched Fatigue – High Cycle Fatigue Week 8:Un-Notched Fatigue – Low Cycle Fatigue, Notched Fatigue – Fatigue crack propagation Week 9:Notched Fatigue – Fatigue crack propagation, Role of microstructure, overloading on fatigue, Corrosion Fatigue Week 10:Concepts of failure analysis Week 11:Case studies related to failure due to Impact Fracture Week 12:Case studies related to failure due to Fracture and Fatigue, Case studies related to failure due to Corrosion Fracture and Fatigue