Foundations of Professional Identity

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  • Course Orientation
    • You will become familiar with the course, your classmates, and our learning environment. The orientation will also help you obtain the technical skills required for the course.
  • Week 1: Introduction and Who Are You?
    • Find out how the course will run and how we’ll use 2-Minute Challenges and expert commentary to give you a 3-D understanding of the material in this course. Establish and clarify your values and learn how they underpin your career.
  • Week 2: Opening Up Problems through the Decision-Making Framework (DMF)
    • Learn a systematic approach to tackling any decision.
  • Week 3: Career TRAGEDIES: Recognizing and Avoiding Them
    • Find out about nine common sources of problems at work, and how to identify them and stop them from derailing your day, your job, or your career.
  • Week 4: Knowing What To Do Isn't Enough – How Do You Say It?
    • Develop personal scripts for difficult situations.