Foundations of Mathematical Statistics

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The course entitled “Foundations of Mathematical Statistics” deals with the basic aspects of Mathematical Statistics. The contents of this course are inevitable for any students who wish to study Statistical concepts. The students of Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, Bioinformatics, Computer Science etc., are equally benefited with this course as a stepping stone to the broad area of Statistical science. The course aims to provide foundations in descriptive statistics and probability. The course contents starts with the meaning and scope of statistics. The course develops through the following topics:• Various types of data and basics of data collection• Classification and tabulation• Diagrams and graphs• Central tendency, dispersion, skewness, kurtosis, moments• Correlation and regression• Various approaches to probability, Independence and conditional probability• Bayes’ theorem• Random variables – Discrete and Continuous• Mathematical Expectation• Some special discrete and continuous probability distributions.With these foundation modules, one can take off to the areas of interest in Statistics.