Foundations of Health Equity Research

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Introduces students to the core principles of health equity research. Covers topics such as defining health equity, engaging community and policy stakeholders, patient-centeredness, cultural competence, and dissemination of research findings. Content will recognize different geographic, cultural, and social contexts where health inequities occur.


Course Overview and Introduction to Health Equity Research
-This module will provide an introduction to health equity research. In this module, we discuss enhancing patient-centeredness, increasing cultural competence, and reducing bias to build community trust and implement interventions to eliminate health disparities.

Engaging Community Stakeholders in Health Equity Research
-In this module, we discuss engaging community stakeholders in health equity research and best practices in community-based participatory research (CBPR).

Engaging Policymakers to Address Social Determinants of Health
-In this module, we describe ways to engage policymakers to address social determinants of health disparities.

Engaging Health System Leaders and Organizational Stakeholders in Health Equity Research
-In this module, we discuss engaging health system leaders and organizational stakeholders in health equity research, and share lessons learned and best practices.

Using Digital and Social Media to Engage Stakeholders and Disseminate Health Equity Research
-In this module, we discuss how to disseminate health equity research and the importance of sharing health equity research findings with key stakeholders.