Foundations of Diversity and Inclusion at Work TeachOut

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  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Organizations
    • The first module of this teachout is designed to enable you to identify and counteract the challenges of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Through a dynamic conversation among six leading scholars from The Darden School of Business, you'll learn how the societal issues of diversity, equity and inclusion are reflected in our workplaces, how advancing diversity and equity efforts requires us to think about the ways in which we position people in organizations, and how our individual histories with race affect how we bring our best selves to work. You'll also learn how to begin to address the challenges of leading change in diversity, equity and inclusion in your organization.
  • Taking Action to Create Change
    • In this module, you'll learn how to develop a business case for diversity and inclusion and implement it through tough conversations. You'll be able to identify the systematic biases, individual biases, and institutional biases that get in the way of organizations operating at peak capacity, and use strategies for addressing these issues calmly and constructively. You also learn how to leverage difference in organizations, and how to practice the skills for cultivating inner grit and grace needed to lead mindfully and have honest and skillful conversation about identity, pain and power.