Foundational Sustainability Skills & Competencies

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  • Introduction to skills and competencies
    • Welcome to the next course in your journey toward becoming a sustainability analyst! In this course, you will learn about the foundational competencies and skills you'll need to be a successful sustainability analyst. These competencies and skills include setting goals, creating implementation plans, establishing policies, reporting on sustainability activities, and working with vendors.
  • What is the process of developing a sustainability project goal?
    • How do you set meaningful and attainable goals for your organization? In this module, you'll learn more about setting goals and establishing a solid foundation before you start any sustainability project or initiative.
  • What are sustainability implementation plans?
    • After you've set your goals, how can you make them a reality? Engage with the materials in this module to learn about implementation plans and how to move towards your goals effectively and efficiently.
  • How to create a sustainability policy
    • Your organization may ask you to go beyond specific goals and implementation plans to formulate an organization-wide vision for sustainability. In this module, you'll learn how to formulate a policy that suits your company and engages with the social and environmental pillars of sustainability.
  • How to create a sustainability annual report
    • As a sustainability analyst, you'll be expected to report on your progress periodically. One of the most common types of reports is the annual report, which your organization will likely share widely. In this module, you'll learn how to craft an annual report that communicates your goals and achievements clearly.
  • What is a performance-based contract?
    • Sometimes a sustainability project is too pricey for an organization to take on immediately. Performance-based contracts can provide an alternative to waiting for the right time in the budget to pursue projects like renewable energy and infrastructure initiatives. In this module, you'll learn how performance-based contracts work and how to identify the right partners to work with.