Foundation of Cloud IoT Edge ML

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Week 1: Introduction to Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and Edge Computing ParadigmsWeek 2: Integrating Cloud+ IoT + Edge Infrastructures: System Modeling and Research Challengesin Federating Edge ResourcesWeek 3: Management and Orchestration of Network Slices in 5G, Edge, and CloudsWeek 4: Introduction to Lightweight Container Middleware for Edge Cloud ArchitecturesWeek 5: Data Management and Predictive Analysis to Support Edge Application DeploymentWeek 6: Edge Computing Realization for Big Data AnalyticsWeek 7: Introduction to Machine Learning Services at Public Cloud (AWS Sage Maker)Week 8: Use Cases for Machine Learning and Deep Learning at the Edge: Smart Surveillance Video Stream Processing, AR/VR, Health Monitoring and Self-driving cars