Forests and their management

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The Science of Forestry and the management of forests has taken front seat as a mechanism of climate change mitigation. It is one of the few very effective measures available for the sequestration of atmospheric carbon. At the same time, management of forests provides access to tourism avenues, major and minor forest produce, food and water security for wildlife and also for people. In this course, we shall discuss the principles of forestry and silviculture. We shall use case studies and examples from India and abroad to understand how forests are planted, managed and harvested for optimising various economic and ecological values derived from forests. INTENDED AUDIENCE : Officers and staff of Forest departments, Students of Forestry, Wildlife conservation and allied disciplines, Policy makersPREREQUISITES : Has cleared 10+2 with scienceINDUSTRY SUPPORT : Tourism industries, Education industries, Green energy industries, Renewable energy / materials industry