Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

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  • The Accidental Fraudster
    • Who are "accidental" fraudsters? Learn who accidental fraudsters are, the basic elements of fraud, and how devastating the costs of fraud are.
  • The Predator Fraudster
    • What is a "preditor" fraudster? How do you protect your organization against a preditor fraudster? Learn how internal control concepts and other techniques can help you detect and prevent preditor fraudsters.
  • Big Data, Benford's Law and Financial Analytics
    • What is "big data"? Learn how data analysis, Benford analysis and other tools can help you identify fraudulent activities.
  • Cyber-Crime and Money Laundering: Contemporary Tools and Techniques.
    • Money laundering. This week’s session will introduce you to the objectives and

      stages of money laundering as well as the basic techniques used.
  • Whistleblowing
    • Everything you need to know about whistleblowing. Learn the importance of

      whistleblowing and the difficulty of being a whistleblower.