Food and Nutrition Security in Urbanizing Landscapes

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1. Setting the Scene

In this module you will learn how our urbanizing landscapes are impacting food and nutrition security for those in the landscape. You will get acquainted with the key concepts of this course, work with different tools to kick-start your own landscape case, and meet other professionals who are taking the course.

2. Your City Region Food System

In this module you will start looking at your landscape and the main food and nutrition security issues from a systems perspective. Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and take on different perspectives to enrich your understanding of your own rural-urban landscape and what factors underpin food insecurity. You will do a treasure hunt to collect all information you need in this journey.

3. Mobilizing others

In this module you will learn more about governance of a city region food system, what this means and who to engage. You will see how different stakeholders can work towards food and nutrition security in their landscape and the role of policy. You will identify champions in your own landscape, and look for windows of opportunity for change.

4. Planting a Seed of Change

In this last module, you will bring your learnings together in a compelling story – a manifesto – to mobilize stakeholders in your landscape and to connect the rural and the urban. You will also reflect on your own role as landscape professional and what actions you can take within your own sphere of influence.