Fluidization Engineering

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Week - 1-2: Introduction: The phenomenon of fluidization; Advantages and disadvantages of fluidized beds; Industrial applications of fluidized bedsWeek - 3: Characteristics of solids: Classification of solids; Flow characteristics and its outline in the different types of fluidization.Week - 4-5: Flow pattern of fluidization system: Flow patter, flow pattern transition, flow pattern map, Frictional pressure drop and its model to analyze, Solid movement, mixing, segregation and stagingWeek - 6: Gas distribution: Type of gas distributors in small and large scale industries, Design of distributorWeek - 7: Bubbling fluidized beds: Gas dispersion and gas interchange in bubbling beds, mixing characteristicsWeek - 8: Entrainment and elutriation from fluidized bedsWeek - 9: Attrition: Attrition mechanism and its analysis by modelWeek - 10-11: Mass transfer phenomena: Particle to gas mass transfer phenomena and its analysis by model in two and three phase system and modelingWeek - 12: Heat Transfer phenomena: Heat transfer between fluidized beds and surfaces and modeling Design of fluidized bed reactors: Design for physical operation, catalytic and non-catalytic systems