Flow Through Porous Media

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Week 1: Introduction, permeability, porosity, various forms of characterizationsWeek 2: Darcy’s Law, mass continuity in Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates, pressure equations
Week 3: Reynold’s Number for porous media, Kozeny Carman, and Ergun Equation
Week 4: Transport mechanisms: bulk and surface diffusion, Knudsen Transport, Klinkenberg effect, slip flow Week 5: Immiscible displacement, two phase mass continuity, capillary pressureWeek 6: Conceptual models of relative permeability and saturation
Week 7: Progression of saturation front in two phase flow, Buckley Leverett theory
Week 8: Miscible displacement, diffusion in porous media, tracer test
Week 9: Introduction to Taylor Aris dispersion, dispersion regimesWeek 10: Migration and interception of fine particlesWeek 11: Introduction to flow through deformable porous media
Week 12: Applications, summary