Flight mechanics – Lift and trajectory

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  • Lift and Angle of Attack
    • At the end of this module, you will understand the influence of the angle of attack and speed on the lift.
  • Limitations: Stall & Flight envelope
    • Let's focus on hazards and limitations, like stall, spiral dive, or flutter... You will understand why stall phenomenon and Mach number limit the maximum lift and altitude the airplane can achieve. What is flutter and why the altitude and speed of the airplane must be restricted to a safe domain?
  • Controlling the trajectory
    • As we know how to create lift, let's use it now to actually control the trajectory. We will first look at how to change our flight direction in the horizontal plane by doing a turn. We will then look at the change in the vertical plane when we pull up or push over. Sometimes, alteration of the trajectory is due to external factors like turbulence, which may result in unwanted load factor spikes. We will determine what we can do to reduce this nuisance.
  • Summary and Final assessment
    • Test your knowledge.