Flexagons Galore: Advanced Flexagon Fun

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Challenge your maths skills through the magical art of paper folding

Flexagons are twisted strips of folded paper which reveal their properties when flexed.

On this course, you’ll learn how to build flexagons ‘bottom-up’ and explore how this approach can significantly increase the number of flexagons that you’re able to build.

You’ll discover a tool created by Scott Sherman which will allow you to make an infinite number of flexagons and explore flexagon diagrams.

You’ll also learn how to create flexagon mazes, meet Ann Schwartz’s mind-boggling straight-strip flexagons, and even learn about Yossi Elran’s art of destroying flexagons.

This course is designed for anyone who enjoys being creative, solving puzzles, folding paper, and revealing hidden maths.

It will be helpful for teachers who are looking for material for enrichment programs, and also for flexagon lovers, math magicians and anyone curious about the connection between paper-folding and maths.

If you’d like an introduction to flexagons, join Flexagons and the math behind twisted paper.

To get the most from this course, it is beneficial to: Have access to a printer. Throughout the course, you’ll have the chance to practice making lots of flexagons using two-sided, colored templates. Learners on this course will be provided with a link to download free flexagon templates to print off.

In week 1, Learners will also be provided with an optional link to purchase a Flexagon template booklet. However, this is NOT a requirement for participation in this course. Please note: timescales for delivery of the booklet in the post will differ internationally.

It is possible for learners to pass the assessments within this course without using the Flexagon templates, but Learners are strongly encouraged to use them.