Fitness Management

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Week 1: Concept of Fitness and Wellness and their significance in Modern times, Scope of Fitness TrainerAnd Health and Fitness Component, Health Screening- Health Conditions that affect Physical Activity and Medication
Week 2: Client Preferences, Expectations and Life Style information, Physical Screening and General Principles of Training, Training consideration while selecting nature of exercise and Understanding suitability and forms of exercise for fitness 1 question

Week 3: Types of exercise: Calisthenics, Aerobics and Dance, Weight Training, Yoga and Other forms of Exercise, Designing fitness program for-Sedentary and active population for Different Age groups and Different fitness levels

Week 4: Designing Weight Reduction training, Fitness and Rehabilitation Training Consideration for-Obese age adult and Diabetic Subjects, Nutrition- Caloric Consumption, Weight variation due to dietary habit, Physiological and Metabolic changes during exercise

Week 5: The energy support in aerobic and anaerobic activity, Relationship of Exercise with heart rate, equation for calculating heart rate zones for various exercises intensities, Recommended nutritional intakes, Dietary guidelines and Nutrient needs for people with different life style and Sport

Week 6: Selection of training organization of trainer and Layout of Health Clubs and fitness centre, Procurement of Equipments and their maintenance in Personal Management and Legal Responsibilities, Facilities, Equipments, Supervision, Instruction and Safety Guidelines
Week 7: Exercise recommendation and testing, Indemnity Bond, Legal formalities prior to conducting fitness programme for various categories of client, Code of Ethics, Professional Responsibilities of a fitness trainer towards clients

Week 8: An employee of fitness centre as contractual Personal Trainer, Business Structure, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership- General Partnership, Limited Partnership and Corporations, Marketing and Promoting Business, Advantages and Disadvantages, Blood borne Pathogens and Wrist Management