Fish and Fisheries

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The present course has been specially designed for the students studying in the zoology subject at college level as per the UGC approved curriculum. In addition this course can also be opted by U.G. students of relevant disciplines of biological sciences including Life-sciences, Agricultural Sciences,Toxicology, Forensic Science, Geological Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Fishery Science, Fishbiology, Forestry, Marine Biology, Aquatic Biology etc.The course will initially cover the essential aspects of fish biology as introduction to fresh water as well as marine fishes, its taxonomic position and identification as well as fish Behaviour. Also fish physiology of feeding and breeding, migrations, defense mechanisms, schooling, parental care etc. Topics regarding fishing and fisheries as Inland Fisheries, Marine Fisheries, Fishing crafts and Gears, Environmental factors influencing the seasonal variations in fish catches in the Arabian Sea and the bay of Bengal. Teaching of topics that are a modern day concern as depletion of fisheries resources, Application of remote sensing and GIS in fisheries and Fisheries law and regulations. As regards to aquaculture sustainable, extensive and intensive culture of fish, pen and cage cultures, poly and composite culture, induced breeding management of finfish hatcheries, brood stock management, fish diets, role or water quality, fish diseases –as bacterial, viral and parasitic. Fish preservation and processing including byproducts will be studied. Besides, aquarium preparation and maintenance as well as use of fish in research works as transgenic fish using zebra fish as model will be taught.