Finding and Preparing for the Right Job

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  • The Job Search
    • Welcome to Module 1, The Job Search. In this module, we will overview DS/AI-specific job-search strategies including how to tell what a company is really looking for no matter the job title. We will also practice how to conduct a targeted job search and identify the “hidden” job market. Finally, we will compare two job postings with the same title and identify the differences in skill expectations and descriptions.
  • Skills to Brush Up On
    • Welcome to Module 2, Skills to Brush Up On. In this module, we will identify the major skills areas experts recommend revisiting before applying for data science jobs. We will also list what specific skills should be studied for each of the four major data science job categories. In our group discussion, we will identify and share what skills we personally plan to brush up on and why.
  • Portfolios, Resumes, and Cover Letters
    • Welcome to Module 3, Portfolios, Resumes, and Cover Letters. In this module, we will discuss the importance of portfolios and resumes as well as the surprising lack of importance of cover letters for this field. We will also identify specific tips and tricks to improve your resume and overview what should be included in a portfolio to make you stand out. Finally, we will apply the module’s core concepts to update our own resumes, portfolios, and cover letters.
  • Marketing Yourself
    • Welcome to Module 4, Marketing Yourself. In this module, we will explain why marketing yourself is an important key to landing interviews in your desired field. We will learn how to market yourself, including how to connect with recruiters, how to build your online presence, and why and how to attend career fairs. In our group discussion, we will describe what kind of networking is beneficial in this field and one new strategy we plan to implement to better market ourselves.