Financing for Startup Businesses

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  • Raising Capital from Venture Investors
    • This module explores the securities that venture investors use when they invest in startups, and how the dynamic nature of fundraising creates complex ownership structures.
  • Exiting Venture Investments
    • Venture investors generate returns for their investors by selling their portfolio companies, either to strategic buyer, to other private equity investors, or by listing them as publicly traded firms. This module explores how the proceeds from these liquidation events are distributed among the different investors based on the terms of their investments.
  • Crowdfunding
    • This module examines different kinds of crowdfunding. We start with peer-to-peer lending to understand the setup in its early days and evolution, and then examine equity crowdfunding and rewards based crowdfunding.
  • Credit Scoring Through Digital Footprints
    • This module examines credit scoring through the traditional means of credit bureau scores and then looks at new ways of doing credit scoring through a simple digital footprint.