Finance for Startups

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Finance is one of the key ingredients for successful startups. Many entrepreneurs, however, lack knowledge of finance. This course teaches basic financial knowledge needed in starting and operating startups to entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs who did not major in finance. Students of this course will learn to read and understand financial statements such as balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements. They will also practice simple financial planning of a startup. This course also covers the concept company valuation as well as how startups get funding. This is a practical course aimed at direct application of the knowledge gained into running real startups. It also aims to enable entrepreneurs and would-be-entrepreneurs to understand the "language of finance" so that they can talk to professionals with confidence.


Balance sheet and Income statement
-We begin to learn startup finance by learning two fundamental financial statements, balance sheet and income statement.

Cash flow statement and financial ratios
-You will learn why cash is king! Let's practice financial ratios with real company data.

Financial planning and funding
-Financial planning of a startup and seeking funding from outside investors.

VC term sheet and valuation
-To understand the contents of a term sheet and the company valuation methods.