Finance for Non-Financial Managers

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  • Introduction
    • This module will introduce the professor and provide an overview of the course.
  • Financial Statement Basics
    • This module will provide an overview of Financial Statements.
  • Financial Statement Manipulation
    • This module will teach the "How-to"s for common sizing and other techniques for the manipulation of financial documents.
  • Financial Statement Analysis
    • This module will explain ratio analysis.
  • Valuation Ratios
    • This module will discuss effective tax rates, valuation ratios, and management of assets.
  • Time Value of Money
    • This module will teach the time value of money.
  • Investment Decision Techniques
    • This module will demonstrate a variety of investment decision techniques.
  • Cost of Capital and Risk Management
    • This module will teach cost of capital, including weighted average cost of capital, and risk management
  • Course Wrap-up
    • This module will review at a high level various components of the course.