Finance for Everyone: Markets

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  • Week 1: Welcome & Interest Rates
    • Welcome! This first week will orient you to the specialization and help set you up to make the most of your experience with us in Finance for Everyone: Markets. You will also engage with a fundamental concept that has tremendous influence on financial markets, communicate with your fellow learners, and familiarize yourself with the course culminating project.
  • Week 2: Bonds
    • Week 2 is all about bonds! You will explore this market from its inception to present day, discuss a current curious phenomenon, develop skills for pricing bonds, and have the opportunity to engage in experiencing the market for yourself! Don't forget to continue working towards your course culminating project!
  • Week 3: Stocks
    • Week 3 is Stocks week! You will familiarize yourself with this market from its creation to present day, review key moments of market turbulence, develop skills for pricing stocks, and turn your MarketEx focus to experience stocks! As you explore all things stocks, you will continue to prepare your course culminating assignment.
  • Week 4: Deriviates & Course Presentation
    • In Week 4, you will synthesize your learnings for Finance for Everyone: Markets. You will participate in a peer review of Presentation materials submitted by your classmates, reflect on your key learnings from this course, and look ahead to Finance for Everyone: Value!