FINAL CUT PRO X: COMPLETE [Import, Edit & Export]

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This class is for Final Cut Pro X 10.3 & 10.4

Get started with Final Cut Pro X with this awesome in-depth introduction.

Also, don't forget to share your YouTube Videos in the class project to grab those extra likes and subs from me and other students in the class. Look forward to seeing what you create!

I have been working with and teaching Final Cut Pro X, and previously Final Cut Pro 7, for over 10 years and in this class I share some of the essential skills and tips you will need to work effectively and efficiently in Apple's professional video editing package.

We cover the basic interface, editing and timeline management and as I add more sections to the course there will be information about creating split screens, colour correction that will help you on your way to getting the very best out of your video projects.

So whether you are looking to professionalise your editing skills, add some class to your YouTube channel or want to add Final Cut Pro X to your skills in Adobe Premiere Pro or Avid this course will do the job.

You might also like to take a look at my YouTube Channel that now has over 5000+ subscribers. I share regular tips on my channel and am always happy to answer questions that people have about Final Cut Pro X.

I also teach in the classroom for clients in Calgary, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Ottawa and in my home province of Saskatchewan. You can find out more on my web-site .