Figure Drawing Foundations | Proportions

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Hey there, it’s Clayton from How to Draw Comics . NET,

I’m ultra-excited to present to you "Figure Drawing Foundations | Proportions!"

"Figure Drawing Foundations | Proportions" is a laser focused volume of Comic Art training created specifically to give you the ability to draw your Comic Book Characters in Proportion.

The ideas, techniques and tools you’re about to learn in this training package have been carefully developed and refined over years of learning, testing and experience.

I use them every day I sit down to draft out a new Comic Book Character myself, because the truth is everything you’re going to learn in this lesson ACTUALLY works if you apply it!

And I’m not the only one who’s taken advantage of what I’m giving you here - over the years my students have also used these insights and techniques to conquer the most challenging, fundamental obstacle every artist is met with when they set out to improve their drawing abilities - Proportions.

Ultimately, after you've completed Figure Drawing Fundamentals | Proportions, my hope is that it will not only give you a highly concentrated, deep level of insight into the complexities of Proportion - but that it will also serve as a dependable guide for you to refer back to whenever you need it.

My goal was to deliver ‘the’ guide to drawing your Comic Book Characters in Proportion. And I really do believe that I’ve created that for you here.