Fiber Optic Communication Technology

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FOCT is a graduate level course, intended to expose the students to the physical layer elements and seamlessly provide a transition from the physical layer issues to data link layer issues in optical communication systems and networks.

Any Interested LearnersPREREQUISITES :Signals and SystemsINDUSTRIES SUPPORT :Sterlite Technologies Ltd., Tejas Networks, BSNL - other Telecom companies, BEL



Week 1: Motivation for fiber optic communication,overall system description, Introduction to digital modulation.Week 2: Optical transmitters- LED, Laser DiodesWeek 3: Noise in transmitters - phase noise and intensity noiseWeek 4: External amplitude and Phase modulation, IQ modulation, Optical Fibers-ModesWeek 5: Dispersion mechanism, nonlinear effects in fibersWeek 6: Optical Receivers - Direct detection, Coherent Detection, Noise, BERWeek 7: Optical Amplifiers, other optical componentsWeek 8: Single channel link design : power and timing budgetWeek 9: WDM link design, dispersion managementWeek 10:Digital signal processing for data in advanced modulation formatsWeek 11:Optical networks : TopologiesWeek 12:Passive Optical Networks, Fronthauls