Ferrous Technology I

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  • Introduction to iron and steels
    • This course introduces the very first history of iron and steel. You will learn from where iron came from to the first production of iron by human industry. Information on the basic concept of iron and steel will be covered.
  • Ferrous metallurgy and steel industry
    • This course explains the development of steel industry with the timeline on the history of iron and steel making processes. Information on the world production of steels and the importance of steel industry will also be treated.
  • Iron and steelmaking I: Ironmaking and raw materials
    • The next four courses cover the whole steel production process. This particular course covers the ironmaking from raw materials. Processes from the pretreatment of raw materials to the reaction inside the blast furnace are treated. Alternative ironmaking process to reduce the environmental problems will also be introduced.
  • Iron and steelmaking II: Pretreatment and BOF steelmaking
    • This course handles the steel making process which is converting the hot metal formed in the ironmaking process into steel. Hot metal pretreatment to decrease some of the impurities, and basic oxygen furnace (BOF) process to reach the required composition will be treated in detail. Related reactions and technics are also introduced.
  • Iron and steelmaking III: Other steelmaking route – EAF and STS, and secondary refining of liquid steel
    • Secondary refining processes to acquire the final composition of steel are covered in this course. Various facilities and processes of deoxidizing and degassing are explained. Other steelmaking routes of employing electric arc furnace (EAF) and processes are stainless steel (STS) production are also introduced.
  • Casting and rolling
    • This course handles the final processes of casting and rolling to obtain the final steel products. Casting to form semi-final products is explained with the main components and their functions. Rolling processes are treated separately into hot rolling and cold rolling.