Fatigue Failure in Different Fields of Engineering

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  • Introduction
    • The first module of our course will give you a brief overview of fatigue failure. You'll know why it is so important and what damage can be prevented understanding this phenomenon. At the end of the module we will analyze how the fatigue of the human body is related to material fatigue.
  • Real examples of fatigue failure in various industries
    • Unlike most researchers’ opinion, the fatigue phenomenon and its failure is not limited to the mechanical and material engineering. This phenomenon occurs in all technical and industrial fields owing to the importance of this type of failure and its financial and mortality damage. In this module, several examples in various fields of engineering are briefly presented.
  • Fatigue design criteria and design flowchart
    • The main purpose of this module is to design and manufacture a new component from a fatigue viewpoint. You'll learn a flow of designing a component and go through every step of it.
  • Classification of fatigue loads and life estimation
    • In this module you'll learn about: different types of fatigue loads; features of S-N diagram and high-cycle fatigue life approach; effect of mean stress on HCF life; various cycle counting techniques using J-rain software.
  • Solve fatigue problems using the formula and FE simulation
    • In this module we'll solve various problems by using the relationships expressed in the previous module and finite element simulation using ANSYS Workbench.
  • Improvement of fatigue properties of metallic materials
    • In this module you'll learn about: different mechanical methods to improve the fatigue behavior of metallic materials; basic concepts of the shot peening process; effects of the SP process on the grain size and residual stress distribution and on the S-N curve and fatigue strength; thermal operating and Plating; effects of the machining process on the residual stress distribution.