Fatigue Failure in Different Fields of Engineering

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In recent years, owing to global competition and greater need of customers for safety, durability, and reliability of products, there has been a considerable tendency to improve quality in various industries. In this regard, fatigue is one of the major reasons of industrial failures, which is sometimes caused by lack of awareness or attention by the designer and other parts of industry like R&D. The aim of this course is to introduce MSc graduates, Ph.D. students, and engineers working in industry with a short review of the basics of fatigue in different fields of engineering. To this end, it is attempted to express the general concept of the phenomenon using unconscious reactions of the human body to daily works and then to illustrate other aspects through simple examples. The topics cover common challenges that engineers should consider to study the causes of component failure.
The contents of this course include 12 years of my activities and experience in academic and industry. In summary, I recommend that the following steps be taken to understand these lessons fully.
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• Do a testing exam at the end of each week to make sure you have a good understanding of the content;
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