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  • Week 1: Bond Valuation - Advanced Issues
    • This course follows the same pattern as the second course did relative to the first. In Course 3 we covered the basics of bonds and stocks with simpler applications. In this course, we will delve deeper into bond and stocks with an emphasis on applications. In the first two weeks we will be focused on bonds. Also the Practice and Graded Assignments in weeks 2 and 4 are deliberately structured to contain ten questions, with some overlap with Course 3 followed by increasing complexity.
  • Week 2: Bond Valuation - Advanced Applications
    • This week is all about practicing applications and attempting the Graded Assignment. I would encourage you to also revisit Yahoo Finance and review the data on bonds and read articles on bond markets.
  • Week 3: Stock Valuation - Advanced Issues
    • This module is probably the most interesting module in this Specialization because it shows you how any idea adds value by relating it to the price of a stock. You will gain a deep understanding of how firms create value and how growth may not be a good policy. All the concepts are introduced using applications. This module conveys the essence of value creation. You are encouraged to start Practicing the assignments.
  • Week 4: Stock Valuation - Advanced Applications
    • This week is again devoted entirely to financial analysis and assignments. Each assignment has ten questions and some are quite complex. You must take this opportunity to learn finance. All the skills you develop will help you both personally and professionally. The beauty of finance is that the frameworks are the same regardless of whether you are making a personal or a professional decision.