Explore the relationship between economics, fashion, people, and nature

Fashion is an integral part of the global economy, yet we know that dominant economic practices in fashion are contributing to the exploitation and degradation of people and nature, perpetuating inequality and contributing to the climate emergency.

On this four-week course, you’ll explore fashion and economy from a design perspective. You’ll look at fashion in relation to concepts of value, use, access, exchange, regulation, work, and making. You’ll learn from alternative economic models and fashion practices that value more than financial gain.

Use design thinking to radically rethink fashion economies

You’ll respond to a design thinking challenge, developing a fashion economic practice that nurtures wellbeing for people and nature. You’ll be guided through the steps to empathise with people and nature, and will ideate, prototype, and communicate your own concept for fashion that nurtures wellbeing for all. This process will help you develop critical skills to creatively respond to the challenges of our time.

Respond to sustainability challenges with London College of Fashion

This course is led by fashion and sustainability experts from Centre for Sustainable Fashion and shares knowledge from world-leading fashion practitioners and researchers.

With over 80,000 learners on our FutureLearn courses to date, you’ll gain valuable insights from fellow fashion and sustainability changemakers from around the world.

This course will empower learners with the tools to address challenges facing fashion today.

This includes students, sustainability professionals, fashion and business professionals, educators, designers, strategists, and communicators.