Fashion Retail Transformation

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  • Fashion Retail Transformation
    • Today’s consumer expects an experience, and competition in the retail market is more intense than ever. In this module, we will discuss how to create memorable immersive store experiences, and we will discuss the evolution from traditional customer service to omnichannel client Relationships.
  • Retail Operational Planning for Future Business Models
    • In this module, we will discuss the challenges of and opportunities for running a profitable, sustainable retail store. Over the last several years, disruptive retail innovations have raised the bar for every consumer and increased expectations. You will learn how companies are keeping up and how industry leaders are committing to an omnichannel strategy to meet customer expectations.
  • Fashion E-Commerce
    • In this module, we will discuss the management process within owned and external e-commerce platforms, along with organization and Innovation for the e-commerce experience. You will learn how Brands stay relevant and win with the direct to consumer model.
  • Fashion Distrbution Strategy for the Post-Pandemic Era
    • In this module we will discuss the transformation to e-Commerce retailing in order to serve a post COVID consumer as well as steps to take in order to create a Seamless Omnichannel Business. You will learn how the customer experience is the key to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as how to master remote ‘clienteling’.