Farm Machinery

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Week 1: Importance of farm machines in the contest of enhance production, multiple cropping, labour scarcity etc.
Week 2: Ploughing and first opening of the soil, the design and component details.
Week 3: Machinery of seedbed preparation operation.
Week 4: Equipment for sowing and planting and inter cultivation.
Week 5: Variable Rate Fertilizer Applicator, Microprocessor Based Herbicide Applicator, Spraying etc.
Week 6: Equipment for irrigation
Week 7: Machinery for crop harvesting design and operation
Week 8: Root crop harvesting machinery
Week 9: Machinery for horticultural crops
Week 10: Equipment for crop protection and disease control
Week 11:Machineryfortransportandmaterialhandling
Week 12: Machinery for land drainage, reclamation and estate maintenance