Fandom, Social Media, and Authenticity in the Digital Age

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  • Fandom, Popular Culture, and Digital Media in Context
    • In this module, you will explore the relationships between key dynamics of fandom, popular culture, and digital media. You will practice skills in self-reflection and interpretation, as well as begin the process of representing your own fandom through writing and digital publication in your very own blog.
  • Social Media, Representation, and Participatory Culture
    • In this module, you will explore social media as a case study for participatory culture and the modes of engagement and representation of the self that are possible in the digital age. Specifically, you will explore the concept of the “selfie” as a vehicle for the complex interplay of identity, memory, representation, and participation in popular culture. You’ll practice critical self-reflection as a means to better understand your engagement with fandom and popular culture.
  • Experience, Ideology, and Pop Culture Interpretation
    • In this module, you will explore the dynamics of personal experience and political ideology as each plays into the ways we engage and interpret popular culture and fandom around us. You will use Roxane Gay as a case study, particularly her framing of “bad feminism” as a means of discussing authentic engagement in the digital age. You will gain skills in analysis and interpretation, as well as close reading. You’ll also prepare your final blog project submissions.
  • The Dark Side of Social Media
    • In this module, you will explore some speculation about the future of social media engagement and the stakes for representation and identity. You will continue to apply your skills of self-reflection and close reading to prepare your fandom immersion blog project submission.