Family Resource Management and Housing

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Weeks Weekly Lecture Topics Assignments (No. & Type)*

Week I 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
1. Introduction to Family Resource Management 2. Factors motivating Management (Values, Goals, Standards) 3. Factors motivating Management (Decision Making) 4. Resources in the family 5. Management Process
Week II 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
6. Family as an economic unit 7. Family expenditure and financial management 8. Savings and investments 9. Financial management - Taxation 10. Consumption economics: Measures of living and Consumption, Consumer Income
Week III 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective) 11. Consumer in the Market 12. Consumer and consumer problems, Consumer Decision Making and Consumer aids for decision making 13. Consumer protective services and Consumer Protection Law 14. Role of standards in Consumer protection, Role of different organizations / agencies towards Consumer Protection 15. Quality control and Standardization, Identification of hazards and accidents
Week IV 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
16. Introduction to interior designing and structure system 17. Introduction to Foundation of Art, Principles of design 18. Appreciation of art and its use 19. Study of Colours 20. Application of elements of art (Part-I)
Week V 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective) 21. Application of elements of art (Part-2) 22. Factors influencing furnishing decisions and Alternative means of improving furnishing conditions 23. Types of building materials for interiors and their use 24. Furniture, Lighting, Window treatments and Accessories 25. Interior furnishing and Furnishing Detailing
Week VI 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
26. Interior Design: Furniture 27. Furniture and Furnishings 28. Accessories 29. Lighting – Importance and sources 30. Lighting - Types of lighting and its application
Week VII 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
31. House and House planning principles (Part-1) 32. House and House planning principles (Part-2) 33. Home ownership and Housing finance 34. Introduction to Residential architecture and Types of Structural system 35. Residential structural features and its relation to environment (Part-1)
Week VIII 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
36. Residential structural features and its relation to environment (Part-2) 37. Introduction to Domestic Services and Household Drainage 38. Fire fighting 39. Building materials 40. Residential landscape planning (Part-1)
Week IX 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
41. Residential landscape planning (Part-2) 42. Importance of design in residential and commercial space and design development process 43. Restoration of building space, remodelling and renovation, cost estimation of building alteration and restoration Week X 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective) 44. Introduction and definition of ‘Ergonomics’ - Principles of Ergonomics- Anthropometrics 45. Work simplification – meaning and importance, techniques - Model’s classes of Changes-Work, worker and workplace relationship 46. Household drudgery- definition, Drudgery reduction - Household equipment- introduction, definition and classification 47. Energy management: Significance, Energy costs of Home making tasks, techniques and apparatus in measuring Energy costs, management process applied to energy 48. Energy management – efforts used in home making activities
Week XI 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective) 49. Equipment design and their effect on work and body posture, Certification and guarantee 50. Principles of Kitchen Planning 51. Kitchen Geometry and Material Specification (Part-1) 52. Kitchen Geometry and Material Specification (Part-2) 53. Essential Services in Kitchen, Kitchen tools and equipment, Kitchen Storage 54. Testing of Pressure Cooker
Week XII 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
55. Testing of mixers and blenders 56. Testing of Toaster 57. Testing of Electric Kettles 58. Testing of Irons 59. Testing of Washing machines Week XIII 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
60. Introduction to Entrepreneurship 61. Environment for the entrepreneur 62. Setting up Enterprise 63. Project evaluation and Review techniques 64. Marketing and Sales Management
Week XIV 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective) 65. Personal management and Legislations 66. Market Economy 67. Product and Pricing policies 68. Sales Promotion Practices 69. Introduction to advertisement
Week XV 2(1 Objective, 1 Subjective)
70. Organizations of advertising 71. Types of advertising 72. Packaging 73. Advertising and Labelling Information: Legislations