Facing Racism and Emotional Tax in the Workplace

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A long history of systemic discrimination, unfair policies, mistreatment, and bias against marginalized racial and ethnic groups have led to a global reckoning on race and racism in countries across the globe. Drawing on research and practitioner insights, we have come together to share personal stories and knowledge to bring to life inclusion frameworks and concepts. Through this course, you will explore the concepts of racism, intersectionality, and “Emotional Tax” and their impact on marginalized racial and ethnic groups in and outside of work. Emotional Tax—being on guard to protect against bias because of race, ethnicity, and gender and experiencing the associated effects on well-being and ability to thrive at work—is often acutely painful. Develop inclusive leadership skills, foundational insights, points of self-reflection, and an action plan to take initial steps to address exclusion and unfair treatment in the workplace and beyond.