Extract, Transform, and Load Data

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  • Extract Data
    • The first truly hands-on technical phase of the data science process is actually a combination of related tasks known as extract, transform, and load (ETL). This is where you, the data science practitioner, start to mold and shape the data so that it can be as useful as possible for the later steps in the data science process. In this course, you'll go through each ETL task in order, starting with "E" (extract).
  • Transform Data
    • The next step in the ETL process is transformation. You'll spend this next module adjusting your data so that it's in a more useful state.
  • Load Data
    • The last step in the ETL process is loading. In this module, you'll take the data you transformed and put it into a destination format and location, where it will be ready for you to work on as the project progresses.
  • Apply What You've Learned
    • You'll work on a project in which you'll apply your knowledge of the material in this course to a practical scenario.