Exploring Skies and Clouds with Watercolor

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The most important component of watercolors is water, the nature of its flow, random movements, the power and energy which can be radiated when vibrant and bold pigments are applied on a wet, moist or dry paper is all we are going to learn in our current class about Watercolor skies and Clouds. We will start by having a look at all the materials required, discussing all the techniques, Supportive elements, exercises and finally doing three class projects.


  • Wet on wet
  • Wet on damp or moist
  • Wet on dry

Supportive Elements:

  • Mountains or hills
  • Birds (shapes and sizes)
  • Fields (concept and perspective)


  • The Clear Blue sky (touch upon concept of painting angular clouds with light in it and green grassland to balance the composition)
  • The gradient sky (where we will be playing with various colors to paint a beautiful sky and even use knowledge of different background washes)
  • The Sunset sky ( it is a simple loose painting of a sunset evening where we will be defining less whereas working quickly to get a desired result is the major aim)

There are three class projects in total, two of them are fairly simple and we will learn how to work in layers. Adding the birds and more. The third one is bit complicated because it is all about adding lights, painting with multiple colors, making it more dramatic and finally curating a landscape with mountains, fields etc. Further details are given in the Project section.

Materials Required:

  • Arches 300 GSM Cold Pressed – (Landscape size – 15*30 CM, 19*14 CM, 19*28 CM)
  • Any brand of Watercolor available with you
  • Silver black Velvet Size (4,6 & 8)
  • Wash Brush or Flat Brush ( Princeton 1.5 Inch, 1 Inch & .5 Inch)
  • Watercolor Palette
  • Masking Tape (1 Inch & .5 Inch)

**highly recommend you to use Arches 300 gsm CP paper to get the similar effects.

**Resources - Easy and Simple way to paint clouds of 7 different types