Exploring Law: Studying Law at University

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Learn the fundamentals of law and whether studying law is right for you

If you’re aged 16 to 18 and are considering studying law at a UK university, this six-week University of Cambridge course is for you.

Whether you already know that you want to study law at university, you’re considering your options, or are just curious about the law, this course will give you the introduction you need.

During this course, you’ll learn what studying law at at a UK university entails.

You’ll learn about the nature, sources and major categories of law, and key skills needed to succeed as a law student.

You’ll hear first-hand from university law students about their experiences, and from inspirational people from the legal world.

You’ll also gain insights into how to make an effective university application.

Whether or not you ultimately decide to study law or become a lawyer, this course will develop your understanding of the law and its role in society.

Discover diverse areas of law

Beyond the fundamentals of law, you’ll have the chance to explore in depth some fascinating questions of criminal law, public law and private law.

Study law with experts

This course is convened by Stephen Watterson, Okeoghene Odudu and Amy Goymour from the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, assisted by six specialist colleagues.

Under their guidance, you’ll gain insights into the law and develop key skills needed to succeed in legal studies. You’ll learn how to interpret different legal sources, apply legal rules to real-world scenarios, explore different perspectives on legal rules, and develop your own critical arguments.

Ultimately, we hope that you’ll develop confidence in your ability to enjoy and succeed in legal studies at university.

This course is primarily designed for students between 16 and 18 years old who are considering whether to study law at a UK university.