Experimental Stress Analysis

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The course covers the basic aspects of experimental stress analysis that includes exhaustive treatment of the most versatile techniques like photoelasticity and strain gauges and also a brief introduction to the emerging techniques like digital image correlation. In addition it also provides the fundamental aspects of six different experimental techniques such as Moiré, Brittle Coatings, Holography, Speckle Methods, Thermoelastic Stress Analysis and Caustics.
INTENDED AUDIENCE : Students in Engineering Colleges and working professionals in similar areasPRE-REQUISITES : Basic course on Strength of Materials. Course on Theory of Elasticity desirableINDUSTRY SUPPORT : HAL, GE, GM, NAL, DMRL, DRDO, BEML, Mahindra&Mahindra, Tata Motors, L&T, VSSC, Defense and Atomic energy Laboratories